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Today we went to the McCormack house. We also talk to some older adults about nature. Most of them said it was better in the old day's. I seem to agree with them about that with prices today they are so high.

My McCornmack adventures

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Today I went to visit the McCormack house to talk about gardening. I learned many interesting things about there childhood Ms.Johnson told there was a lot more home cooked meals back in her day. But I could tell they carry down many generations because many of the things her grandmother made for her my grandmother makes for me. I enjoy learning about the war with Mr.Alexandre a real war veteran he severed in 42 were you couldn't choose you were drafted.

All about the old people

This morning what we did was got to go talk to the older people at the McCormack house. And they where really interesting to talk to I learned a lot about their life and the way that they live. Most of them didn't eat at fast food places and they all lived in St. Louis for most of there life. And some of them where born in others states some as in Mississippi and I thought that that was interesting because that is where my father is from. They also said that the food was cheaper back then then now because a dollar isn't worth a dollar anymore. Also they like to be outside a lot and read outside and go to the garden and grow things. Most of the people said that they love to live at the house but there was one person that said that he didn't like to live their because he wouldn't have many people to talk to and he was lonely. I thought that is was really sad because I love having People around I can't be by myself that long unless I an mad or in one of my moods

McCormack Interview

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Today we went over to McCormack senior citizens house and interviewed some senior citizens. I learned a lot about how things were done back then. Today some of us go to the store to by fruits and vegetables. Back then most families grew all these things. Back then there was always an home cooked meal on the table. And back then the played outside more often than i do today! I really learned a lot today during the interviews. It opened my eyes and made me realize how much things changed.


Today we got the chance to interview residents at the retirement home across the street about what they thought about the food system in America. We asked things such as how they thought the food system evolved over time. Some residents such as Mr.Alexander said "The food system and how food was made was way better back then". But then other residents said they liked how the food system in our country is now. Also when we asked a resident what we could do to better our nations food systems she said " You are going to need a good leader, a plan, a support system, and also to know exactly what you are trying to do." I loved to hear all the responses from the residents and I maybe we can be a part of the change in America's food system : )

I interviewed the elderly

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I interviewed some elderly at the McCormack House today. I had so much fun. I laughed and learned new things. I learned that back then was better now and that food was WAY healthier back then too. I met the best person up there too. Ms. Hamilton. She reminded me of my grandma. She had great stories to tell. especially about her childhood.

Meet new people

Today I had meet new people I had learned that back in the day that they didn't have a fridge they had iceboxes they had to buy ice from the ice man and put it in this tall icebox and used it to put they meat on and if some people couldn't do that they had just put it in the window during winter time so the summer was the hardest because the ice might melt fast. I also learned that they had their milk delivered to them and that it taste better in a glass then in the little milk cartons we have today. It was also more expensive to have your mil delivered then go to the store so some people chose going to the store then having milk delivered to them.
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