Saint Louis Box Turtle Project:Tyson Research

On Thursday, July 11th, me and my component went to Tyson Research Center in Eureka Missouri. We joined the TURFers in the Turtle Group and helped them with tracking. I personally choose not to join my group and the Turtle team when they went turtle tracking because I am terrified of ticks but if there were no ticks, I definitely would have. It looked like such a great experience and what I heard from the rest of my component confirmed that. Maybe next time...

Trip to Two Rivers National Wildlife Refuge


On Monday, July 7th, the Agriscience teens went to Two Rivers National Wildlife Refuge near the confluence of the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers.  We had to ride a ferry to get there, and it was the first time some of the teens had ever been on a boat.  We learned about wildlife and visited a pond to do some dip-netting.  Then we had to ride the ferry back!  It was a great day.

 trip to Two Rivers, 7/7/14trip to Two Rivers, 7/7/14

Good week

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This week was great. My birthday just passed. July 8th turn up. We got to pickle some peppers.


The 2 field trips we went on was fun. The first one we went to go connect with nature. The second one I honestly don't know y we went. I did not know about the Illinois river. Teaching the kids was more fun this time around.


Today I had fun learning how to pickle peppers and become more of a team today.

Science corner

YES | Agriscience
Today we pickled peppers.. We also went over to science corner to go meet people from gateway science for a grant. Today was an okay day . I wish we would have went on a field trip though .

My blog

Today was fun we talk to gateway greening about a grant and learn how to pickle food.
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