Visible or Invisible...FATS!!!!!!

City Science
Tra and Briana  Today we did a lab experiment testing the lipids in sunflower seeds, chips, and chocolate chips. Lipids is basically another word for fats. In our experiment we extracted the fats out of each of the foods. The fat in the potaoe chip is mostly on the surface and the fat in the sunflower seed is the seed itself. Next week we're going to do the next experiment so we can figure out how much we fat we extracted from each food.
Submitted by Priscilla on Tue, 11/27/2007 - 5:43pm.
Wow!  You guys are great!  What a good observation concerning the location of the fat in various foods.  The fat of potato chips is most definitely on the surface of the chip...that explains why are hands are so greasy after eating chips.  I can't wait until you guys find out how much fat you extracted from each food!  Keep up the good work!