Effect of Heat and pH on color and Texture od green Vegetables

City Science
   Today we were talking about Effect of Heat and pH on color and Texture of Green Vegetables. It is necessary to rocess green vegetables to preserve them as a year-round food source.... This project was a cool thing to do. we were work in groups of 3. The lower the pH value, the stronger the acid concentration. The higher the pH value above 7, the stronger the alkali concentration. I would like to do this project again.
                     The materials Required 
 1. Fresh or frozen green beans, cut into 1-inch lengths
 2. Dilute HCi solution{0.01N NaOH}
 3. Dilute NaOH solution{0.01N NaOH}
 4. Bunsen Buurner
 5. Time or wall clock
 6. 250-mL beakers with watch glasses
 7. 100-mL graduated cylinders
 8. Weighing balance
 9. Twelve 15-cm-diameter filter paper discs
 10. Stirring rods or magnetic stirrer
 11. Heat- resistant gloves or tongs
 12. Spatula or fork
 13. Litmus paper strips or pH- indicating paper
 14. Marking pen
Submitted by Tim on Tue, 02/12/2008 - 4:49pm.
This is a great example of showing what we did in lab! It really invites the reader to learn more and perhaps try the experiment themselves. What more would they need to know to attempt the experiment?