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Supervisor: Jesse Kemling

YEStechGIRLS is the technology powerhouse of the YES Program. This all-girl component focuses on computer programming in various languages, electrical engineering with microcontrollers, and media production in the video, audio, and photo realms. On top of that, YEStechGIRLS emphasizes female empowerment and the importance of getting more girls into technology fields. These teens use top of the line hardware and production software to create stunning projects that anyone would be proud to call their own!

YES Business Club

Supervisor: Tim Mulhall

St. Louis is one of the top cities in the United States for startup entrepreneurs, and yet, many of the teens we serve feel little control over their financial future. They have innovative ideas, but don’t know how to materialize them.

Through a partnership with Mastercard and NFTE, teens in the YES Business Club will take their ideas and develop playable prototypes and interactive models to demonstrate the vision for their products. By doing the research and hard work necessary to create a fully-functioning business plan for their company, teens will finally take control of their financial future and realize that they can start it up!


Supervisors: Kerry Stevison & Teresa Aldrich

The Agriscience Component focuses on the nexus between gardening, entrepreneurship and nutrition.  Teens in the Agriscience Component grow plants and use the plants for food or to donate.  They learn how to cook with chefs and create lessons to teach younger children.  Many barriers exist now for young people regarding access to nutrition, comfort with nature, and experience with starting a business. 

Agriscience is a way to tackle all three of these problems.  For example, teaching kids about nutrition will not change their eating habits if they live in a food desert or do not know how to cook healthy vegetables.  Instead, the kids need to learn about nutrition while growing their own healthy food and having cooking classes to familiarize themselves with healthy dishes.  Agriscience covers all aspects of these issues.  Teens can take a seed all the way from planting to eating.

Cooking matters

YES | Agriscience

Today our component made chili with a variety vegetables and we also made a banana crumble. Cooking matters is a great way to make a healthy diet.

cooking matters

YES | Agriscience

Today the ladies from the cooking matters program came to our component and together we split into 3 groups and made turkey chili with vegetables along with banna crumble for dessert. It was really nice to learn how we can incorporate vegetables into our favorite foods. For example my favorite food is macaroni and cheese, one way i can add vegatbles to this dish is by adding broccoli. Also this morning during journaling we learned that the cholesterol in eggs is not bad for your health despite what the internet may say.