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My blog

This summer as been fun we have learn a lot about science. I love this job and the career skills we get with the job.

Y.e.s program

Working at the science center Is a great experience . Working with the little kids is a fun thing to do. You can learn a lot from kids. But at the same time they learn from you.

Good Summer

YES | Agriscience
This summer was really fun I learned a lot of new things . I meet a lot of good kids and new teens . We went on fields rips out in the woods. I'm really happy I got this opportunity to work with kids and do these science projects. I hope next summer is as fun as this summer.

This summer

This summer was shorter than I expected. I made new friends. I learned a lot about teaching and plants this summer. Even though I want to do engineering this Summer, agriculture turned out to be pretty cool. I liked this summer program. Ig😹😸

End of Summer

I had a great summer!! I got to plant cucumbers and tomatoes. They had significant growth from between the time we planted them til now! This summer went really fast.

End of the summer

YES | Agriscience
This summer was pretty cool. During this summer I learned alot of new stuff about farming. My favorite part of this summer was pickling peppers.