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Last week, we inherited a variety of herps from another employee.  Our teens are now learning about turtles, axolotls, frogs, and many more.  See pics below:  

Harvesting Carrots, Measuring Nutrition


Last Saturday, we finally got Science Corner all set up.  Now it has a beautiful sign and picnic table.  We also harvested some colorful carrots from the greenhouse.  Indoors, we did some nutrition and planting activities in order to get the teens thinking about the Minority Scientists Showcase in January.  Then we had the teens come up with their own ideas for the event. 

Roasting Sunflowers


Last Saturday, the Agriscience teens got a chance to clone some plants.  We will see how they are doing this week.  We also roasted the sunflower seeds that we harvested two weeks ago.  They were delicious!  

Harvest Time!


It's late in the year for most vegetables, but we were able to harvest sunflowers and carrots last Saturday.  Lots of birds have been eating the sunflower seeds, and the carrots were a variety that has a lot of colors, like purple and yellow.  The YES teens also visited the residents of McCormack House, a residential home for the elderly.  The teens got to talk to the residents and ask them how they would like the YES teens to help them with gardening and classes next year.  I think both groups got a lot out of the visit.  

SLU's Lay Center


Hello everyone, on Oct. 25th, the agriscience teens went to the Lay Center.  It is a place that combines outdoor art and sculpture with nature.  The teens had a fabulous time on a hike, during which they found snakes, ate some persimmons, and climbed trees.  We also lookedLay Center field trip Lay Center field tripat the sculptures and visited a really Lay Center field tripold cemetery there.  The teens were very adventurous!